Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I decided that I need a new look, and I'm a bit sick of the blogger templates so I got technical and found a different one on the net. I chose this one because I like the green and the more natural color scheme. This blog has pretty much morphed into being a blog about my transition to being a full-time artist, so I wanted a background that my paintings would look decent on. I could do without the orange and the carnival scene at the top, but I think it's going to be a while before I figure out how to replace those. Until then, this is it! Any opinions?

Anyhow, life's been a bit hectic lately (what's new?!?), so I haven't had any time to post this week, but I'll be back soon!!


  1. Looks nice!! Much better than normal blogger templates.

    To fix your header image - in your blogger template for the h1#header tag there is a line that says this:

    background : url( no-repeat;

    Replace that url with the url of an image you would rather have as your header (maybe one of your artwork) and it should look lovely.

    You need to first create an image (new image should be 173px by 69px for you template) then upload it to the web. Use the URL for where you upload this thing in your blogger template.

  2. That looks pretty good Stacers.
    That Lisa Call is pretty smart, eh? WOW!

  3. have a great idea for a title image for you! just e-mail me! (I know my page doesn't show it, but I know a little about coding/graphic stuff, and you know I'm happy to help!)

  4. Thanks for the info Lisa - I knew that was where the image code is, but I wouldn't have known what size to make the image or anything! When I get some time I'll have to see what I can do.

  5. Hi Stacers, I think it looks great-I love the green, or at least how it looks on my monitor:-) Can't help you with changing the header, as I am barely squeaking by technically. But a close up of one of your images, as Lisa suggested would be nice.

  6. Stacers,

    I know this is late in coming but your new template is perfect with your work. The colors are beautiful--very relaxing.