Sunday, October 01, 2006


This sucks.

Nate was out of town this weekend, so I was going to be ambitious and productive and get all sorts of painting done.

I did five acrylic underpaintings last week, and was ready to get to work with the oils on Saturday morning. I headed down to my studio in the basement, and while I was cleaning up my palette, I noticed a huge wasp flying around by the window screen. I closed the window, trapping him between the glass and screen, and continued with my painting, managing to finish two paintings before dinner.

This morning, I headed back down and completed a small 8x10" painting before lunch, then started on another small study. As I started to get into it, I noticed another wasp flying above my head.

Now, my studio is in a walkout basement, and I had assumed that the first wasp just managed to squeeze its way in through a gap in the doggie door. But to have more than one of these things flying around in my basement seemed a bit strange. Just then, I noticed the distinct sound of insects hitting a window, and found that it was coming from the back room of the basement. I went and looked, and there were about 20 yellowjackets flying around the inside of the window!!

So, I turned off the radio, grabbed my dog, and headed upstairs. I'm 7.5 months pregnant, and didn't really feel like pissing off a colony of wasps in my basement!! I figured I'd send Nate down there to fix the situation when he gets home tonight - that's what husbands are for, right?

So much for my productive weekend of painting... Why'd they have to take up residence in my studio, of all places?


  1. I'm not pregnant but I would have done exactly what you did. Well except I don't have a hubby.

    So they better not invade my studio! Yikes.

  2. I am 9.5 months prego and I would have ran my chubby body as far away as possible until someone else dealt with it too :)

  3. Hi Stacers,
    It's almost a Hitchcock's film.
    Do you remember The Birds?

    And I love your painting :O)

  4. Thanks for the trauma-inducing image you included with your post. I'll be sure to send a link to Lianne...

  5. OMG!! Stacers

    Nice! Do you sell those bees or what?
    Or are they paintings?

    Fabulous works!!