Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New York, New York

Well, we're off to New York tomorrow to attend a show opening on Thursday - it'll probably be the only time I ever show my work in New York City, so I figured I'd better go!

Back in August I had the opportunity to spend nine days painting the Forbes ranch near Ft. Garland, Colorado with nineteen other extremely talented artists. It was such a good experience - I got to bump elbows with a lot of artists who are far more established in their careers than me, spend nine straight days painting, and soak up some valuable business advice from gallery owners.

Anyhow, we all had a few months to produce paintings inspired by our time on the ranch, and this show is the culmination the experience. Paintings will be on exhibit from each artist, and it should be fun to see how everyone interpreted their time on the ranch differently. I completed a bunch of small plein air studies while I was at the ranch, and did five larger studio paintings when I got back home (shown above). Three of the larger paintings are going to be in the show.

Many of the paintings that will be in the show were printed in the March 2007 issue of American Artist magazine, which is completely devoted to the residency. You can read the article here if you don't have a print copy. I just have to make a disclaimer (as usual) that in the print version of the magazine, my paintings reproduced more dark and dull than they actually are. I'm slowly learning that it's tough to get a magazine to do an accurate reproduction of your work - my last article in Southwest Art made my painting look too bright and saturated, and this article it's the exact opposite!

We're only going to be in the city for three nights, but that should be enough. We'll be flying with Aspen for the first time, so I'm praying that she does well on the plane, and that it's not too cold while we're there so that we can do a lot of walking around the city. Regardless, it should a fun, albeit short, trip!


  1. I saw your work in the article.Even with the reproduction problems, by far your work stood out and above the others. You will certainly be a success in NY. Soon engineering will be a memory!:O) Congratulations

  2. Have fun in the city and at the opening!

    It looks as if I will not be able to be in the city on Thursday and I am so disappointed that I will not be able to meet you. But Doug will be there and I have made him promise to go and to say hi to you.

    Like Peter, I think you will be a success and surely I will meet you another time in NY.

  3. these are very good and I'm sure you'll be showing in NY again :)

  4. beautiful! have a great trip.