Tuesday, May 08, 2007


That's the sound of me sighing in relief after what was finally a relaxing day!

We spent all weekend in a packing frenzy, trying to get most of our house into boxes before our trip to Texas. On Sunday, I moved my entire studio out of the basement and temporarily into my parents' basement, since I didn't trust the movers to move my large canvases and my huge collection of frames (I had no idea how many ready-made frames I had amassed until I tried to move them). Yesterday, we boarded a plane and left it all behind to fly down to Texas for the OPA National Show.

Now I'm down in Houston, relaxing in Nate's grandparents' living room. We spent the morning driving around town, taking a trip down memory lane looking at all our old haunts from the time we lived here. We drove by our old house and were shocked to see that the new owners painted it an ugly color, then came back here and went for a nice swim with Aspen (who isn't quite sure what to think about the pool). We'll do some of the same tomorrow, then leave for Fredericksburg on Thursday. When we get back, I'll blog about the OPA show and all of the associated events. Until then, I'm on vacation!


  1. Yay, you are on vacation! What were they thinking painting the old house that colour? ha ha
    Have a great time at the OPA show!

  2. What is it with new owners of homes formerly owned by our family that causes them to paint them heinous colors??? The new owners of your current house are probably going to paint it some wretched color as soon as they move in... I can see it now...