Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"April Thaw"
Oil on Panel

Whoa - it's been a while!!

First, thank you so much to everyone who voted and left comments on my last post! The poll was about 2 to 1 for "Aspen Grove", and the comments leaned heavily toward the same painting. So, "Aspen Grove" it is - I'll deliver it, along with three other paintings, to the Loveland Museum next week. I'm crossing my fingers that it shows well. This show is an invitational of some of Colorado's best painters and sculptors, so it's a lot of exposure and I like to make sure I don't embarrass myself! The other painting is with my local gallery since it's a local scene - hopefully it sells.

Anyhow, I apologize for not posting much this month. I haven't been feeling well for a few weeks, and as such have had little motivation to stand at an easel. I haven't touched a paintbrush in two weeks (well, except to varnish a bunch of paintings), and most of my effort has gone to varnishing, framing, and delivering a bunch of paintings. April and May are slow times in the resort towns where I sell my work (mud season = no ski traffic, and no summer traffic), so I'm not beating myself up too much over taking some time off. Hopefully I'll be feeling good enough to get back to painting tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the insightful comments and opinions!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hey all - I need your help!

I've been working on some larger paintings and need to pick which one is going to be in the Colorado Governor's Show next month. The show is held at the Loveland Museum, and my work will be hanging alongside some beautiful work from 50 other Colorado painters. Needless to say, it's the type of show where I try to have one larger painting that will make an impact and get the attention of collectors.

I'm sort of terrible at making decisions like this about my own art - I see it so much while I'm working on it that my opinions get skewed by the time a painting is finished. So, I thought I'd put this one out there and get some opinions. I have it narrowed down to two paintings, and I'd like to know which one you like best (i.e. Which one grabs your eye first? Which would catch your attention in a crowded room?).

Here are some larger images of the paintings (you can click on them to enlarge a bit). After you've looked, either vote by clicking your choice in the poll below, or leaving an opinion in the comments. Thanks so much for your opinions!!

1.) "Aspen Grove" - Oil on Panel, 30x40"

2.) "First Snow, Berthoud Pass" - Oil on Panel, 30x40"