Monday, December 19, 2005

171,868 Miles

You know it's time to replace your 1992 Toyota Camry when you turn up the defrost in the morning and snow starts blowing out of the defrost vents into your car.

And you know you're not a morning person when you realize it's snowing in the car and you start looking around to see which window is open, even though it's not snowing outside.

But it's SO nice to not have a car payment... sigh...


  1. you'll know to replace when the muffler falls off. =)

  2. OHH!! This is exactly what happened to me one very cold morning a couple of weeks ago, and then I had to sit there and freeze with me and Daniel in the car while it defrosted, because no amount of ice scraping would get the crap off the inside of the winshield. So not only is it snow inside the car, it's also demonic snow that won't be scaped away.