Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Busy Busy

"Castle Creek Morning"
Oil on Canvas
24 x 30"

I'm at a complete loss for anything interesting to say about painting right now, mostly because I've got myself locked up in the studio every free moment I have.

January is always a busy month. Entries for the Salon International and OPA National shows are due this month, and I'm always trying to come up with a masterpiece at the last minute, rather than entering something I've already done. I don't know why, but I seem to do this every time I enter a show. I guess it's just a manifestation of the fact that I always believe my best painting is just around the corner.

I managed to escape the studio last night and go to the opening for the Coors Western Art Show at the National Western Stock Show here in Denver. It's kind of an odd venue for a high end art show, but it attracts some very good artists, and I always like to go an see the landscape painters. I was disappointed that Clyde Aspevig wasn't participating this year, but there were still some excellent pieces. I think my favorites were by Skip Whitcomb (as usual), Matt Smith, and Len Chmiel. Anyone who lives in Denver should definitely make a trip to the stock show just to see the art (the cows are kind of cute too).

Oh, and I think Nate and I found a lot to buy up in Granby (where he's building houses). We think we might build a house up there this summer and move to the mountains. It gets tiring having him work an hour and half away, and the amount of money we spend on gas is insane (I'm not joking when I say we spend almost as much money on gas as we do on our mortgage). Anyhow, nothing's for sure, but it seems like the logical choice, considering he works there fulltime, and I can paint anywhere. We'll see!

Anyhow, back to the easel for me now. I just needed a short break!


  1. If I was entering a show, I would do the same thing-- try to paint a masterpiece just before the deadline...

    Off to look up 'Len Chmiel' now...

    Happy Painting!

  2. I am the same Stacey, always trying to get one more painting done, because that is going to be my best to enter in a show.
    Hope you get in!

  3. I certainly hope this house is planning to have plenty of guest rooms... I don't see you enough as it is and you're two minutes away!

  4. Jason - hope you found Len's website - I was feeling too lazy to do hyperlinks the other day!

    Frank - I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this. I've always imagined that other artists already had masterpieces laying about the studio, just ready to enter in shows when needed...

    Shannon - yeah, we're planning to put in a nice guest suite upstairs so people can visit us and be comfy!