Friday, January 18, 2008

Something New

Oil on Panel
24 x 18"

This painting isn't really my usual style. See those BLADES OF GRASS in the foreground?? That's what we call DETAIL.

I don't do detail.

Well, not normally anyways - this painting called for a bit more than usual. I typically try to indicate things like blades of grass with texture and color changes, but I had to pull out the palette knife to get this one right.

Sometimes doing things different is good. I'm sure I learned something from this one!


  1. I like this painting a lot. Including the blades of grass in the foreground. I think they add to the depth.
    The part that kind of teases me thought is that I was looking for some blue sky at the top since the beautiful reflection in the water had some blue sky as well as the clouds.

    I'm an artist also and am having a hard time getting the blogspot to cooperate with me on layout. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to send you my page which at the moment is not so good.

  2. Yes, it is differnt from your other work and it IS beautiful. Love the reflections in water. very beautiful.

  3. I understand about doing things differently... This painting, although full of detail and not your normal style still is full of you. I think I could pick it out in a room full of other's works, that it was your's. Beautiful.

  4. I think the detail in the grass really helps set the mood by contrasting with the smooth water so much. If the grass was not as detailed, that dynamic might not be there. Reminds me of some Monet paintings where the sky is seen in the reflection and therefore you dont need to see it above. That would ruin the design.

  5. I enjoy the way that hill on the left leads us right into the picture as well as the entry through the detailed grass in the foreground. You have created some wonderful pockets of depth in amongst the grass for your viewer to rest, enjoy, contemplate. As well, I see the tiniest bit of blue above the larger tall tree in the background, hinting for the reason we see the beautiful reflections in the water. This is definitely a painting that one can stop and immerse oneself in for a long time. It brings that sense of deep peace we nature lovers experience every once in a while! :-)

  6. That one would look so good in my bedroom.

    It's really too bad you caught yourself before posting this to my blog. Maybe my friends would have thought for two seconds that I had taken up painting.

    Or not.

  7. Wow - apparently I should include some detail more often! I don't normally expect many comments when I post on a weekend, but this one brought you all out of the woodwork =)

    Frank hit the nail on the head with why I didn't make the sky too blue - I felt that it would compete with the water for the viewer's attention, so I just included a hint of blue in the clouds. This was a fun painting to do - bright clean color - made me wish it was summer!

  8. Hi Stacey,

    Found you via the mention on Carol's blog. I enjoy your work, and think it's good for every artist to stretch the self-imposed boundaries we set for ourselves (you venturing into detail).

    I, too am a painter in Colorado with all kinds of sibjects, but ready to start back into landscapes next month. Off to see the Natl Western Art Show this afternoon.

    I'll certainly be back!

  9. i'm just catching up on your blog and was wowed when i came to this painting. the cool blue of the sky reflecting in the water is just stunning, with your beautiful grass in the foreground i could get lost in this painting for hours!!