Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Long Day

"Alpenglow Study #1"
Oil on Panel

Well, here I am, happily lounging on the couch of the condo we're renting in Fraser for the next six months. I just finished reading the guestbook in the condo, and thought how cool it is that I get to live somewhere where most people only visit on vacation!

Today was a marathon. I woke up and drove up to Loveland (and hour and a half one way) to deliver my paintings to the Loveland Museum for the Colorado Governor's Invitational Art Show. Dropped off the paintings, picked up my packet, took a look at the art, then drove back home. Got home and immediately turned around and drove over to my old office to pick up a couple boxes of personal stuff and textbooks (I know - it's about time!), and spent a couple of hours there chatting with my ex-coworkers. Drove home, cleaned house, and packed to come up to the mountains. Got in the car (AGAIN) and drove and hour and a half up to get here. Needless to say, I'm sick of driving!

We're only up here for a couple of days before we head back down to Denver and then fly to Scottsdale for the weekend. I'm looking forward to a couple of days of settling in here, then spending the weekend laying by the pool, reading some good books and soaking up the sun! I REALLY need the break.


  1. I like this one a lot. Very subtle values really capture a certain time of day and kind of feeling in the air. I like all the spacing, lines, directions etc.

  2. Thanks - it's a tiny painting, but I was happy with it when it was finished too!

  3. Lovely piece, Stacey. Very spare composition and limited palette.