Monday, December 08, 2008

Catching Up

"Calm Waters, Endo Valley"
Oil on Panel

Well, I went on vacation for a week and when I returned it was like winter had suddenly come to our little town in the mountains. I'd say we've gotten six inches of snow since dinnertime tonight, and it's still coming down. The good skiing opens up at Mary Jane tomorrow, and it's looking snowy right in time for Christmas!

I love painting in the winter. There's just nothing better than padding into my studio on a snowy day, all cozy in my slippers and sipping a nice cup of tea while I paint. Winter slows me down, and I like having the time to work on larger paintings and try new things in the studio.

I have a bit less pressure to produce for my galleries right now, but I always have a slew of show deadlines in January, so I'm busy working on larger pieces for those, and starting a new commission. I've also got to finish up my work for the mentorship I've been doing the past six months. I've been keeping up with my "homework" for the most part, but I've got a few assignments to redo before I'm done, and I've fallen hopelessly behind on my drawing assignments. One thing I've learned in the last six months of painting "bootcamp" is that I'd much rather paint than draw with a pencil anyday - I procrastinate so badly when it comes to working on paper. Obviously something I need to work on!

Anyhow, it's been two weeks since I picked up a brush and I'm totally excited to lock myself in the studio tomorrow. I'm rested and recharged from vacation, and ready to go!


  1. Stacey, I'm so jealous of you, living in the beautiful mountainous area that you do. You must be inspired by the scenery as it clearly shows in your work.

  2. I'd love to hear more on the mentorship;)

  3. Onpainting - thanks! This is a little plein air I did that's in a miniatures show right now.

    Janelle - I love being surrounded by what I paint, that's for sure!! We'll see how I feel about living up here after I've survived an entire long, cold winter =)

    Veronica - I haven't posted much about the mentorship becuase I didn't want to step on Jay's (the instructor's) toes, but I'll probably post something this month now that it's coming to an end...

  4. I love the colors/ values in those trees with the hill behind them and that touch of dark in the distant stream right in front of them is perfect.

  5. Stacey:

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. I was catching up on the CSH blogs while procrastinating on writing a letter of recommendation for a senior. Ironically, "Bittersweet" by BHT just came on the streaming radio station I'm listening to. I hope things are well for Nate's business. Take care.

  6. Great work Stacey!!! Wonderful sense of place!

  7. Stacey,
    I went into Elk Horn Gallery in Winter Park the other day to see your paintings in real life.
    Gorgeous. The colors are amazing. I hope that your painting are selling well. They truly show the landscape in Grand County.

  8. Thanks Frank - I had really exaggerated the effect of atmosphere on thos trees so they would recede right.

    Hi Tim! Things are going well - Nate's got a couple of house projects so he's busy. Hope you guys have a nice Christmas!

    Theresa and Dawn - the colors in this one photographed a bit odd, so I'm glad you both like it!

    Kristin - I'm glad to hear from a local that I'm doing a good job interpreting the landscape =)

  9. the grayed down colors just sing out.impressive layering of values to show distance.