Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yay for Vacation

I'm currently wrapped in a cozy down comforter, watching 30 Rock, and chilling out after a day of doing pretty much nothing here in Jackson Hole. We were itching to go on a road trip, so we figured we'd check out Jackson before the winter crowds hit. So far, we haven't done much - checked out some art galleries, took a drive to check out the tetons, read books by the fire, ate a lot. This is my kind of town - good art and great mountain scenery!

I'm ready to get back to painting though - a week off and I'm ready to get back to work. And I miss my little Aspen. It's nice to have some kid-free time, but I can't wait to see her on Saturday. It's kind of nice to go on vacation and look forward to getting back home. A few years ago, I would have dreaded going home and having to go to work.


  1. Glad you had a good time on your getaway - does this mean we're going to see some paintings of Jackson Hole soon? :)

  2. Hey! This is Heidi. I'm not sure if you remember me from college/Katie. I stumbled across your blog and have been enjoying your art as well as LOVING the fact that you went the risky route and got out of engineering! If I had any other talent (not that I'm talented at all at engineering) I'd get out too! It's just so nice doing things that are creative and FUN rather than analytical and stressful. Good for you!
    I hope you plan on painting that pic you posted! That's a great one!

  3. Julie - I don't know if I'll be painting the Tetons or not - they're so distinctive, that I'm sure my galleries in CO wouldn't want them!!!! I'll probably give in and do a couple paintings though - can't resist...

    Hi Heidi - thanks for commenting. I actually just found your blog through KT's the other day and was cracking up reading your posts about work - it was like reading my thoughs from a past life =)

  4. you have to paint that picture.