Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hitting the Slopes

I just got back from a weekend of skiing in Steamboat Springs and I'm really wishing I could have just stayed there.

If only I was a good enough skier to consider being a ski bum... Maybe I should work on my skills.

A bunch of friends from Chicago flew out for the weekend, and we decided to rent a condo in Steamboat so we could avoid driving home in ski traffic every night. It turned out to be a fantastic idea - Steamboat has had a record amount of snow this season, so the conditions were perfect!

Me and Nate getting ready to go:

Scott conquering the mountain of snow in the parking lot:

The view from mid-mountain:

A failed attempt at skiing in 3 feet of powder:


  1. oh god so jealous. i wanted to get me some of that snow this weekend!!!! damn traffic!