Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Here We Go Again - 2007...

"Before the Snow Flies"

Since I went to the effort at tracking my goals for 2006, and it seemed to do a decent job of keeping me on track, I think it's worth the effort to outline my goals for 2007. I wouldn't necessarily call these New Year's Resolutions, since that brings to mind images of the hundreds of people who inundate the treadmills at the gym for the first few weeks of January every year. They're goals that I intend to track and stick with, even if they don't get completed within the 2007 calendar year.

Art Goals:

1. Expand gallery representation for my landscapes outside of the Denver area. Specifically, obtain representation in at least 3 of the following art markets: Scottsdale, Santa Fe, Jackson, Aspen, Breckenridge.

2. Double my 2006 revenue from painting sales.

3. Enter at least two of the following juried shows: OPA National Exhibition, OPA Central Regional Exhibition, Arts for the Parks, Salon International.

4. Enter and participate in at least one plein air event.

Personal Goals:

1. Get back into shape post-pregnancy - specifically, be fit enough to complete either the Steamboat Springs 1/2 Marathon or 5430 Sprint Triathlon in June.

2. Have fun and enjoy being a mom!

My art goals are mostly focused on expanding the market for my artwork. The first is going to be my biggest focus this year - the bottom line is that I need more than one gallery selling my work. To that end, I need to continue to enter respectable juried shows to build on my resume, and I need to spend consistent time in the studio to be able to support more than one gallery selling my paintings. The second goal is aimed at growing my business from a hobby to a career. I'm focusing on revenue rather than profit this year because growing my revenue means getting my name out there, which might require more resources initially (advertising, etc.). The last goal of participating in a plein air event is just a means of expanding my experience. I'd like to see if the plein air scene is something I'd enjoy participating in, and use it as a means to meet more artists.

As for the personal goals, I'd like to get my fitness back in the first half of the year. In 2005, I was in the best shape of my life and completed a bunch of triathlons and road races. I pretty much lost all that while being pregnant in 2006. I'd like to get it back mainly so that I can be fit enough to enjoy the things I love to do - I want to be able to climb a few 14ers this summer, which wouldn't happen at my current level of fitness. Not to mention that being in shape gives me more energy to tackle everything else. The second is kind of general, but it's just a reminder to enjoy my first year as a mom and spend some time having fun. Not everything that's worth something in life can be measured!


  1. I am still thrilled by your paintings, such good colours and solid compositions. Love the colours in this one again.

  2. Great goals.

    I was such a slug after my kids were born - I wish I would have taken the initiative to get back into shape right away. I suspect this effort on your part will really pay off in the long run.

  3. Having a baby will bring out a whole new side of you in regards to your work, well and with everything else too for that matter. You are going to do great!

    And I'm sure you'll bounce right back into shape, unlike those of us, well me specifically, who weren't in athletic to begin with:-)

  4. You sound like you have a solid plan and that's the first step. Your work is brilliant so I'm sure your goals will be achieved in less time than you think.