Friday, August 17, 2007


"Water's Edge, Maroon Lake"
Oil on Canvas

Apparently I've fallen back into the bad habit of only posting on my blog once a month (or less). It's been a busy month though (what's new?). We spent a week in Telluride in mid-July, then came home for a couple of days before driving out to Chicago for a weekend for a wedding. Then we spent all of last week at Nate's parents' house in the mountains. I think this has been the first week in over a month that I've been home.

While I was at Nate's parents' house in Granby last week, I did some paintings for the Estes Park Plein Air event. The rules state that I can paint anywhere within a 100 mile radius of Estes Park, so I was good to go 50 miles away in Granby. Heck, I think I could paint in my own backyard and still be within 100 miles of Estes!

Since then, I've been spending every second I can in my studio. I finally got the dates for my (first!!) one person show that will be at Angler Art this Fall. The opening is going to be on November 2nd, and I have to have enough images done by the beginning of October to put together the mailer. I also have to have an image to SW Art by mid-September for the show advertisement. All of this means I need to paint like crazy for the next couple of months.

On top of all this, I decided it was time to expand representation for my work. I need more than one gallery, and I think I really need a gallery in one of the mountain resort areas. It took some guts to put myself out there, but I sent out a couple of packets at the beginning of August. Hopefully something good will come of it - there have been some developments, but I don't want to say anything else for fear of jinxing myself!

Anyhow, hopefully I'll start posting some more soon. I'm really motivated right now to get my art career moving again, and I'm hoping that with some hard work things will get going in the next few months. I always seem to work best when I'm under a bit of pressure, so the show will be good motivation!


  1. Oh well. You still post more than I do. Hee.

  2. Oh well. You still post more than I do. Hee. ,

    But not as much as I :-P

    What a shame to put so much energy in to all kind of galleries and shows while you have your blog and website and Internet to put your work on show for the whole world!! So much easier and it take such less time than searching for galleries, paying commissions, framing your work, putting it up for a show, ect, ect, ect. All costly time that you could be painting. PAINT, PAINT, PAINT, other wise you never will become a daily painter ;-) Your work is much to good to let it be disturbed by all to silly nonsense around art and so.

  3. Working best under pressure must come from our years in engineering. Maybe we should offer a workshop for artists and run it like a week in an engineering office. Monday meetings to review painting progress and plans for the week, status of the art budget, how to schedule and hit deadline targets even client management...

    It's too scary to think of. Just paint and enjoy the process. Best of luck on the show I know it will be a huge success.

  4. Funny.. 100 miles.. that would be about 160 km. When I think of the Netherlands it would almost be the same like saying "anywhere in this half of the country" :)

    What a great painting again!
    For me the quantity of posts doesn't matter. I don't mind waiting for yet another good, well balanced painting.
    Once a month is already a treat!