Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Show

My first opening was Friday night, and it turned out to be a great experience! A lot friends and family came out to support me, which made the whole experience less intimidating than I thought it would be. A bunch of my (ex)coworkers from my engineering job came as well, which shows what great, supportive people they are. There was a decent turnout of collectors, and we sold some paintings, which is always nice! Quite a few people showed up who already own paintings of mine, and it was great to meet them and talk to them about my work.

I think that just about everyone I talked to asked me the same three questions (or a variation of each):

1) Do you paint on location?
2) How long does it take you?
3) Do you use your engineering degree?

The show hangs through the end of this month, but my work is done for the time being. Now it's back into the studio to get some paintings done for other shows and opportunities!

Now that I'm not working towards a show, I'd like to try some new things in the next few months. First, I really want to try out pastels. Second, I want to start doing some smaller work in an attempt to paint everyday - I like to paint wet-into-wet, so when I'm working on larger paintings I often don't paint unless I know I'm going to have a devoted chunk of time. I think doing smaller 6x8" studies would give me a way to pick up the brushes even when I have less time.


  1. Oh, it sounds like it went so well! You look great and what a cute baby and husband. Those are the same questions I get too, except instead of #3, I am asked how long have I been painting.

    Definitely take some time off, but not too much. It gets hard to get back to it after a show opening, whether it is successful or not. Search my blog for post show meltdown if you want more info!

  2. Congrats with the opening.
    Looks fine to me, ...

    Funny that you are talking about doing some smaller work, with that little girl on the photo just above, couldnt be a coincident.

    Daily painting is soo good, it keeps you sharp and give you a discipline to get going every day. Also it has some inspirational function.

    Take care, and paint well.

  3. wanted to stop by, but was out of town Friday... sounds like it went very well! I still hope to make it by before the show is over,

  4. i wanted to go so bad but i had to work! :( please keep me on the invite list!

  5. The show sounds and looks like it was a terrific success. Congratulations!
    I can't wait to see your smaller daily paintings. The daily discipline should appeal to the old engineer in you. It is the best thing I have ever done. Works great for experimentation and building confidence.

  6. Tracy - I actually had my post show meltdown before the show, after I dropped the paintings off at the gallery. Luckily, I got it out of my system quickly!

    Rene - yes, I think daily painting is a good way to keep my work from becoming stagnant and keep the inspiration going!

    RG and KT - I'm bummed you couldn't make it. If you have time, check the show out sometime this month. KT - Helen was hoping to catch up with you!

    Peter - thanks for the congrats. Yes, the daily painting thing appeals to my disciplined engineer side - we'll see how it goes.

  7. It looks like your show went well Stacey. Small is good. I know how it is painting with a kid in the house and small is sometimes all there is time for. Or none.
    Tell 'em it's taken your whole life to paint that one.
    You have a cute little girl.