Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"Dream Lake"
Oil on Canvas

In an attempt to be industrious, I varnished a whole batch of paintings in my master bathroom this morning. It was too cold to do it outside, and I didn't want to stink up the whole house, so I figured I'd do it in a small room where I could open the window and close the door to air things out. The problem is that when I went to take a shower an hour later, the bathroom was forty degrees from having the window open and I had to freeze my butt off getting in and out of the shower. Maybe next time I'll have the foresight to take a shower BEFORE I take over the bathroom with my stinky varnish and paintings...


  1. Riiiiight... but then you still would've needed a shower when you'd finished.

    I'm so over how cold it's been.

  2. Ahh... the trials and tribulations of working from home...

    At least you can varnish in your jammies.