Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Goals Update

"Into the Shadows"
Oil on Panel

I don't know about this painting - I like it better in real life than in this photo, but it just doesn't read how I want it to. Might be destined for a good sanding...

Anyhow, I'm sitting here updating all my financials and databases for April, so I figure I might as well status my yearly goals while I'm at it!! Is this getting repetitive yet? I apologize if my monthly goals post is too businesslike and boring, but this has done wonders for keeping me on track so far this year!

1. Get my work into three more galleries.

I finally got some time to devote to business this month, and contacted a few galleries. As of this week, I have two new galleries who have agreed to start showing my work for the summer season - I'll be delivering paintings to them towards the end of May, and hopefully they'll sell well! Nice to finally report some progress here.

2. Complete 100 paintings.

Painted seven paintings this month, even with a week off at the start for vacation/moving. One might be destined for the trash - it's posted at the top of this blog post - what do you think? I think it's just not "me". Anyhow, that makes it 31 down, 69 to go... I'm still having a hard time with having Aspen in daycare (even though she's just fine with it), but I do get a lot of uninterrupted painting time on the two days she's gone.

3. Sell enough work to pay our mortgage.

Still on track here, which is nice since we're still waiting for our house in Denver to sell!!

4. Update painting database and financial records monthly.

If I didn't have this goal, I would have totally forgotten to update everything tonight, so thank the Lord for goals!

5. Race in a minimum of three 5k's.

Um, I don't know - I tend to completely slack off when things get busy, and this has been one of those months. I did a bit of running, but not enough. Ugh...

So, April was a good month for the most part. Things are slow in the mountain resort towns in April and May, so I'm thrilled to have sold some paintings this month and gotten stuff done on the business end of things - better than expected!


  1. hi stacy, i was surprised when this painting came up in my feed reader and had to look who it belonged to, you're right it is different for you, but i like it. i think as artists we need to go out of our comfort zone to keep challenged. love the brushstrokes and colors of the edge of the snowbanks along the stream...and the shadowed background really keeps you in the foreground. it's a very intimate scene, maybe that's why you don't like it, usually your paintings are very open. i hope you don't sand it down. congrats on two more galleries! do you try to stay local or are you branching out of state?

  2. oh gosh and i'm sorry i meant Stacey, not Stacy!!

  3. I think that painting is great. It might not be "you" so much but it's still a cool painting (I'm no critic).

    I thought you lived in Texas, did you guys move back up to steamboat or something?

  4. This one is my most favourite so far, really beautiful! It is great to know you are on track regarding your monthly goals.

  5. Christine - yeah, I guess maybe I shoudl just see it as different, rather than bad? The galleries are both in state - I'm actually making an effort to get out of state, but haven't succeeded yet! My paintings just happen to sell well in mountain resort towns, so that's where I'm seeing success.

    Hubs - we moved back to Denver six years ago, and just this past month moved up to the Winter Park area. How do I know you? I can't link to your blog..

    Indiaartist - thanks! I'm glad you like it. It's always good to hear other people's opinions when I've been staring at a painting too long...

  6. I like the painting, too. I think it is the edges (not quite as soft as your other work) that make it seem a little less like "you." The palette and composition and other brushwork are very you, though.

    I am inspired by your goal setting and how you are so open to share them with others. I am finding myself slipping off track and perhaps should try ro share my goals and progress, too.

    Your work and honestly are inspiring. Thanks!

  7. Michael - I agree - it's totally the edges... As for sharing my goal-setting - sometimes I wonder if I'm a little dumb for posting this stuff for the whole world to see (galleries, collectors, etc), but this blog is aimed at other artists, and I figure if one other person identifies with it, then I'm good. Plus, sharing publicly keeps me on track and holds me accountable!

  8. I agree about the painting, a little different but really, really nice. The goal setting is fabulous. I think the accountability thing is often necessary.

  9. I love this painting- the banks are the best. so great to spend some time with you guys, we miss you already, even though we'll probably see you more now!

  10. Stacey, I've been to your site many times and always leave inspired to be more deliberate... and tonight I saw my blog in your link list! I'm so flattered and will now go add yours to mine. Thank you for the inspiration and the vote of confidence.

  11. Stacey,

    I just know from having read your blog over the past year or so. For some reason I thought you moved to texas shortly after your baby was born. i guess i'm not reading very closely.

    if you want to link to my blog you can use this: