Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eye Candy for Artists

Want to drool over some really beautifully executed landscape paintings? Then go check out the preview of T. Allen Lawson's upcoming show at Simpson Gallagher Gallery.

I could stare at some of these all day. If my sister wasn't getting married that weekend, I would totally be driving up to Cody to see this show in person!! (See Shannon, the things I sacrifice for you?)


  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for awhile. I really like what you write about and your landscapes are like a breathe of fresh air.

    Thanks for the link to this artist, his work is so dynamic and awe inspiring!

  2. His work is really nice. I love yours very much too and have been enjoying following your blog too! You are capturing the Colorado scenery very well!

  3. Stacey, this is the second great artist you have introduced me to. Thanks!

    Interesting how the place an artist lives effects their vision so much. Lawson lives in Maine and there is a starkness to his landscapes. Not emotionally cold or empty but gritty and wide open.

    Your paintings have a warmth even when there is a vast space you are sharing.

    I love them both.

  4. E. Floyd - thanks for commenting. I love your paintings - especially your recent subflowers. I'll have to bookmark your blog.

    Carol - I appreciate you saying I capture the Colorado scenery. I've lived here all my life, and one of my main goals with painting is too communicate the feeling of being here with the people who view my paintings.

    Mike - you've done a great job describing his landscapes. The have a loneliness in them that sets them apart. If you want to discover some more fantastic artists, go to the Simpson Gallagher website and click through the artists they represent - they have some of the best of the best in the Rocky Mountain region!

  5. Thanks for the great link. I've liked T.A. Lawson's work for some time and it was wonderful to see a body of his new work.

    And thanks for sharing your work, I think its really quite strong.(I'm a long time reader)

  6. Hi Stacey,

    Yeah his paintings are great. I've always really admired his work. They are so serene and beautiful. He's a hell of a painter. Last month I met him at an opening in Rockland, Maine and he was also a really nice guy. He was kind to me despite my being a little star-struck. I hope you do see his show.

  7. Yeah, those are great works. You should totally skip my wedding.

  8. I have your blog bookmarked, Stacey. I enjoy your work a lot.

    Yes, I like Lawson's work quite a bit too. He's really good. Check out while you're at it. He does interesting things with light.


  9. you're right stacey...eye candy for sure...gorgeous paintings, i can't stop going back and staring at them. he has amazing control...his value/hue shifts are sooo subtle.

  10. John - thanks for commenting. I always love to hear from long time readers!

    Colin - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets a bit star-struck by other artists on occasion. Glad he was nice to you!

    Shannon - that's what I thought you'd say =)

    Brian - thanks for the suggestion to look at Linden Frederick - his work is amazing. I checked out your site and I'm loving what you do too!

    Christine - that's exactly why I love his paintings - so subtle, yet they make a huge impact. Just goes to show that it doesn't all have to be about showy brushwork and bright color!

  11. I have admired T. Allen for some time now...I love his subtle sense of color and dynamic compositions. Thank you for the link, Stacey! Awe inspiring work...