Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Giving Thanks

I know it’s 5 days after Thanksgiving, and probably kind of late for me to be posting on what is probably a way-too-common topic this week, but there’s never a wrong time to think about what we’re thankful for, right?

So here goes – my list of what I’m most thankful for this year:

1) Nate

Nate’s just the best, what else can I say?

He’s my best friend, and I love the fact that I feel like we’re always working toward the future together. And even though most people think he’s pretty serious and straight-laced, I love that he’ll do whatever it takes to make me laugh (then again, I’m kind of easily amused, so maybe that doesn’t require so much effort?). Anyhow, seriously – I’m thankful that I have such a wonderful, supportive husband. I may have to pick up his underwear and clean his dirty dishes, but it’s totally worth it.

2) My family

I get a kick out of my family – we can all hang out and have a good time together on a typical day, and I think that’s something that not everyone can say. Sure, we have our moments of annoyance with each other, but we wouldn’t be family if we didn’t… I’m thankful that they’ve witnessed the majority of my bratty moments, and still love me.

3) My friends

(This is the point where it begins to look like my list of thanks is the same as everyone else’s, but I’ll continue anyways since this is for me)

I have a cool bunch of friends. I have friends that I have nothing in common with, and friends that I have everything in common with, and I learn from both. I love that I have friends who are different enough from me to challenge my thoughts and beliefs. I wouldn't be who I am without them.

4) Bailey

Otherwise known as the cutest dog in the world. Seriously….

She keeps me company when I’m lonely, and even when I’m being a loser she’s happy to see me. Who could ask for more?

5) All the other big stuff

I’m thankful that I live in Colorado, where I can do all the fun outdoorsy stuff that I love to do. I’m thankful that I have a good steady job – I may complain about it a lot, but I’ve learned a lot this year and I’m pretty fortunate to be in this position. I’m thankful that I can paint – I’m a total art geek and I love that just looking at a good painting can put me in a better mood...

I could go on for pages about what I’m thankful for, but I’ll knock it off now. It’s just nice to sit down and reflect on the fact that I have a pretty good life, because I have a tendency to get overstressed and crazy and forget about all the good things. And the good things make everything else worth it.

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  1. I don't think Nate is straight-laced and serious, even when he's acting all straight-laced and serious. But then, I'm the one who got his email earlier with what he's asking for for Christmas. Surely he's picked up after you before, too?? Once or twice??