Monday, February 25, 2008

Getting Rid of my Frame Collection

Sorry for the interruption to my normal blogging, but I have this enormous pile of frames in my studio and I need to sell them and I need somewhere to post pictures for people so here they are. I promise I'll be back with a real post in the next couple of days!

I'm moving next month and trying to clean out my studio. I need to find homes for these frames, which are all in good condition unless otherwise noted, but just haven't looked right on my paintings. I figure that if I haven't painted anything to go in them in a year, I'm not going to, so it's time to get rid of them. I'd rather not ship these, since shipping would cost more than the asking price in most cases, so I'd prefer local inquiries only (I live in Highlands Ranch, fyi).

Individual prices are listed below along with description and manufacturer - prices are all well below retail price for these frames. All frames are metal leaf with finished corners, and in very good condition unless otherwise noted (there are a few scratch and dents toward the bottom). All of these are around 3.5"-4" wide moulding. I can send details if need be.

If interested, contact me at

16x20” Omega Moulding – Gold, scooped w/carved corners – $70:

18x24” Omega - Gold, flat plein air style with carved corners - $75:

Detail of corners:

16x20” Omega – Light gold, scooped with carved corners – $50:

22x28” Manny’s – Gold w/ribbed finish - $80: - SOLD

12x16” Manny’s – Silver with warm patina - $40:

16x20” Manny’s – Warm silver plein air w/carved corners – $60:

18x24” JFM – Gold w/ribbed finish – $50 - SOLD

16x20” JFM – Mahogany finish with gold liner – $30 - SOLD

12x16” JFM Enterprises – Silver with warm patina - $30:

9x12” Manny’s of Denver – Gold plein air w/carved corners - $35: - SOLD

14x18” Manny’s – Gold w/ribbed finish – (2 of these available) - $40:

12x16” Omega – Light gold plein air (metal leaf flaked off spot on side) - $20 - SOLD

12x16” Manny’s – Black over red with gold liner (two scratches on frame face) - $15 OBO

Detail of scratches:

16x20” JFM – Gold w/ribbed finish (blemish in ribbed finish) - $15 OBO:

Detail of blemish in ribbed finish:

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