Thursday, February 28, 2008


"Summer in the Park"
Oil on Canvas

It's funny how the more I blog, the more ideas I have for what to blog about, but when I take a break, I completely lose steam!

The good news is that I finally have internet access at home again, as of today. Sometimes I wonder how I ever functioned before the internet. I mean, I don't even keep a phonebook in the house because I know I can just look up phone numbers online. And I actually scheduled an appointment online today to have my carpets cleaned. And I do all my banking online. And then I have to keep my website updated. And on and on and on

Anyhow, the studio time has been a bit limited this week. Our house went on the market today, so I've been spending the past week getting everything nice and clean (as an aside - I can't believe we're moving AGAIN - wasn't it just yesterday that we moved into this house?). Tomorrow I've got a doctor's appointment, but then I'll be spending the afternoon painting - I'm hoping to finish a couple of smaller pieces and do some finishing work on an 18x24" that I did on Wednesday.

This painting is one I did last week. I think I might modify the water a bit - it's bugging me how the blue splits into two distinct paths near the bottom - looks like a road or something...


  1. hi stacy, your paintings with streams are always my favorites. i really like that the foreground in this is so lush and green with the dark shadows in the stream up front. although i will agree with you on the blue splitting, my eye can't stay away from it. and the tree to the right really balances the entire composition very nicely. beautiful painting.

  2. Stacy--This is wonderful. The way you handled the distance--those mountains are really far, far away. The split in the stream doesn't bother me at all. It is a "road" after all, into the scene, but if you cover it over, you subtract some of its interest. I love your work--you obviously treasure your subject material and we all can share.

  3. Ha ha, I am totally dependent on the internet too.

    A few quick strokes and nothing more in that water.

    Love the high horizon line in this one. It really leads my eye up into the distance. I know exactly where I am standing when I view this one. (or should I say where YOU were standing? )

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I think it's enough of a problem to be eye-catching - I'll probably go in with some darker blue brushtrokes near the bottom just to unify things a little.

  5. Stacey- this is my new favorite! (except of course my very own Peterson original.) I don't know which area I like the best, but it makes me very happy when I look at it. I hope to see you guys soon.