Friday, February 22, 2008


"Study - January Aspen"
Oil on Panel
14 x 11"

Sorry I haven't been around much, but I haven't had internet service all week. I'm currently at the local bookstore catching up on email and updating my website.

It's probably a good thing - I ended up having a busy week trying to get some paintings out the door and didn't need the distraction of checking email/blogs/etc! The good news is that I got a few paintings done this week, so if I ever get my internet working again, I'll have something to post!


  1. Another beautiful painting! Well, I spent too much time this week on the internet and not enough time painting, and I think I need to get myself back to the easel. You've inspired me to try again. : )

  2. This one has such a peaceful feel to it. Nice design with the cool swath on the back hill and the sun lit foreground balancing the angle of the tree covered hillside.

  3. so peaceful and serene....this is a very calming composition and the snow is wonderful, it's so hard to paint snow, you've made it look so easy. i could go hiking through this scene, smell the crisp cool air!

    sorry to hear about your internet, sometimes it's a good thing, you can get a lot of painting done. although sometimes as an artist it's your main connection to the outside world!

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