Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"Colorado Headwaters"
Oil on Canvas

After the wasp invasion a few weeks back, I completely lost my momentum with painting. I had completed four paintings that weekend and was excited to keep working, but the nasty wasps in my studio kept me away from the easel for a few days, and then life got in the way again.

I did manage to frame and deliver some paintings to the gallery earlier this month, which at least made me feel like I had accomplished something. Then I got busy wrapping things up at work and trying to find some time to get ready for the baby, and didn't get much else accomplished.

I found out last week that my paintings for the Forbes show need to be done and photographed by November 15th, so that got me going again. I spent some time this weekend working on one of the last two paintings I plan to do for the show, and will hopefully finish the final one this week. Nothing like a deadline to get me going!!! Further evidence that I am officially a procrastinator...

My last day of work is next Friday, and assuming that the baby doesn't come early, that will give me three weeks to get stuff done before my life is taken over by midnight feedings and poopy diapers. During that time, I've got to get five or six small paintings done for a holiday miniatures show. Then I'm planning to be officially on maternity leave for a month or so - I'll fit in painting where I can, when I'm ready.


  1. Beautiful painting! I love Scenery, this one reminds me of the times I used to go fly fishing with my Dad and Brother :) Brings Back good memories...
    Enjoy the 3 weeks you have :) I sure did,but it's funny how i don't mind the late night feedings and the 1 million poopy diapers I change each day :)

  2. Your landscapes are wonderful!
    Paint strokes are confident and well placed