Friday, November 03, 2006


So, I was standing at the copy machine at work yesterday when some man I didn't know walked up and stood right next to me. I was wondering why he was invading my personal space at the copier when he proceeded to pat my belly, then pat his, and say, "You better watch out or your belly's gonna look like mine!!"

Then he paused to think a bit before saying, "Well, except that you're going to lose yours overnight one of these days, and I'm stuck with mine."

I'm glad to know that my body is starting to resemble that of a middle-aged man with a beer gut.


Actually, I can't deny that I've entertained myself in meetings for the last nine months by imagining how many months pregnant I would be before my belly looked like each man's in the room. What can I say? Male engineers have beer bellys, and it makes for a good way to waste some time when stuck in a boring meeting.

I only dare to post these pictures because I've had a gazillion people request pictures of my rapidly expanding belly, and I figure it would just be easier to satisfy everyone's bizarre fascination with the pregnant belly than come up with more excuses for why I don't have any pictures of me pregnant.

Anyhow, I've come a long way between 7 weeks and 35 weeks pregnant, and I'm at the stage now where I can't quite believe that I still have approximately five more weeks for my belly to grow. Not to mention that I don't remember EVER being the size I am in the 7 week photo above, nor can I imagine ever being that size again.


  1. Congratulations having a baby is the most wonderful experience in the world.I hope your delivery is not too hard:)

  2. You look fantastic :) I don't think it will be difficult to get back to your pre-prego weight. You look like you have the same build as me. My baby is 9 days old and I'm almost there! Breastfeeding and a hyperactve thyroid helps though:)

  3. Just a little more and rolling will be more efficacious than walking :-P

    Great photo!

  4. You look great! And the man with the beer belly has a very good point.

    I suspect you will get your body right back and I will have to be jealous. Took me years to lose the baby weight and things still aren't back in the same place.

  5. That is quite a change. Very exciting - not long to go now!

  6. Hee... you're one of Those Women now... hehe...

  7. it will be over before u no it bt the last month really is the hardest, especially getting comfy at night!!!!!!