Sunday, May 11, 2008

On Being a Mom

Since it's Mother's Day, I was thinking a little bit about how having Aspen just lifts me up and brightens my life. On anything less than a good day, having a child just makes things better than they would be otherwise. Maybe it has to do with her innocence, I don't know... It's trite to say, but she's just changed my life.

This is all said better by one of my favorite bands...

Well there's far too many questions to ask,
To answer all of them tonight.
For I wear too many masks,
To tell if any of them are wrong or right.
And confusion casts a shadow upon me,
Like a great big cloud in the sky.
And now I pray for rain
Cause it's been so long since I let myself cry.

For so long, I've sang this sad ole song.
And it feels like my time is up.
For she came and landed in my arms
And she filled my half empty cup.
Yes she filled my half empty cup.

Now I look up above me,
And I thank that Great Old God in the sky.
For telling me my cup ain't half empty.
Just took my little girl to show my why.

There you are.
Right in front of me,
A brand new day,
Sunrise Over Sea ,
No longer,
My cup half empty,
Cause there you are...
You're Peaches & Cream to me...

All I know is
All I know and
I love you."

"Peaches & Cream"
John Butler Trio


  1. Nice to meet you, look at your blog sympathy.
    And links to your blog please.
    With reply, wait.

  2. aspen is absolutely adorable! i am right there with you on this one stacey, my daughter shelby is my world, i must look in on her 20x a night, and have to resist picking her up because i just love her so much! happy mothers day!

  3. mother like daughter. I have two girls who are now 8 and 13 - both blonde and blue-eyed. Hard to belive but it gets even more fun as they grow up.

  4. Aspen is so cute! Great post.
    They do change your life for the better.

  5. Sweet post!

    I LOVE your baby girl's name! Pretty, just like her.

    I love that photo of the two of you - you are both stunning :)