Friday, May 16, 2008

Work Work Work

"Last Light, Indian Peaks"
Oil on Panel

This week has been crazy, but good. We finally have our house in Denver under contract, which is great because if everything goes as planned, we'll be able to build on our lot up here this summer. Crossing my fingers that the inspection goes well and that we close next month as expected!

We also realized that to have our house plans approved at the June meeting of the architectural control committee in our neighborhood, we need to have everything submitted by Monday. We've thrown around some ideas for house plans, but haven't actually done anything with them, so we spent the past few days marking up drawings to submit to the factory (Nate builds modular homes). Nate worked from home all day yesterday, finishing the drawings and estimate, and arranging for the survey etc. I have to admit there were a few disagreements on the design front - I told him he's not allowed to have opinions on the functionality of the kitchen or my studio. Hehe...

I still managed to spend some quality time in the studio. Two of the three paintings I've been working on this week are scenes I've painted before. I was halfway through a painting one of them when I realized I had painted a similar thing before - oops!! Luckily, it doesn't look anything like the other version. The other one is a vertical version of a scene I've painted horizontally twice. I just keep thinking I can do it better. Once I photograph it, I'll post all three so you guys can see how terrible I was at painting three years ago!

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a nice weekend in the mountains. Hopefully the sun will shine and the snow will go away for good - I'm ready for spring!


  1. Hi. I love your paintings; so serene. I hope you do well selling them. I'll have to check out the real thing at Elk Horn next time I'm in Winter Park.


  2. This is superb! I also really love your painting "Willow Creek Spring"... keep it up!