Friday, October 03, 2008

Interpretations - Group Show

"When the Day is Done"
Oil on Panel

Phew!! It's been a busy week. My sister got married last weekend (congrats Shannon!!! I'm working on your present!), and I've been getting everything ready for a group show that opens tonight. I know it's a bit late, but if anyone is in the area, feel free to stop by the opening tonight or check out the show throughout the month.

Here's the official spiel from the gallery:

"We are proud to bring together the work of Robert Spooner, Stacey Peterson, and Steven Hileman. While these three artists share many similarities—all left careers in other fields to take up full-time gallery painting, all paint in oil, all express themselves with boldness and exquisite control—their works clearly reveal three distinct personalities."

The show is at Roundhouse Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado and the opening is from 6-9 pm tonight with the show running through the end of the month. Robert Spooner and Steven Hileman are both great painters, and I'm humbled to be in a show with them both. You can preview my paintings for the show on my website here.


  1. Oh shoot, I just missed the last flight!

    Anyway, have fun without me, you works looks awesome.

  2. congratulations stacey, have a great show!!

  3. Gorgeous painting. Congrats on the show. Wishing you great success.

  4. ...and i forgot to mention...beautiful painting!! i had to come back and look at it again.

  5. Wow, what a beautiful sky in your painting. Great work :)

  6. Have a wonderful show...I know it will be. Your work is beautiful and should sell easily. I wish the show was last month I could have made it when I was in Fort Collins and Estes park on vacation/business!

  7. Very, very nice Stacey! Just wondering - did you get my email? I sent one a few days ago about a gallery out your way. Not a big deal, though.


  8. Hi Stacey, we're planning on getting up to see the show at some point. I am bummed I missed the opening; it would have been fun to meet you. Best of luck with the show - sell lots and lots!

  9. I agree this is a really cool painting...

  10. Stacey:

    Is the title of this work supposed to remind me of an old Samples song? Nice.

    Sounds like all is well. I do miss fall in Colorado.

    Take care,

  11. Tracy - thanks! You know, Colorado IS nice this time of year!

    Christine, Michael, Sylvia and Alexandre - thanks I wasn't quite sure about this painting - I pushed the color a bit and didn't know if I went too far!

    Theresa - thanks for the best wishes. Next time you're in Ft. Collins, I'd recommend checking out this gallery regardless of what they're showing - the space is really nice, and the work is great!

    Brian - sorry again I was so slow at getting back to you!

    Julie - that's okay, I'm sure I'll meet you somewhere eventually!!

    Tim - after I titled this painting I got that song stuck in my head for days (not a bad song, btw!). It wasn't really intentional!

  12. Wow, I just published my response to all your comments and realized I'm a bit exclamation mark happy. Need to tone that down...

  13. I love the colors in this painting - gorgeous!