Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving... Again...

"Study - Cottonwood Pass Aspens"
Oil on Panel

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but we've moved (AGAIN) and I've been busy unpacking and trying to get back into the groove of things. I feel like a broken record...

I figured out the other day that in our eight years of marriage, Nate and I have moved seven times. We also tend to do our moving in spurts. When we moved back from Houston, we moved out of our house into an apartment, then into an apartment in Colorado, then into a house in Colorado, all within the same year. In the past year and a half, we moved houses in Denver, moved into a condo in Fraser, and now just moved into a house in Granby. We'll eventually finish building "our" house up here (we moved into one of Nate's spec/model homes), and move again within the next year, so getting all settled into this house seems sort of like a waste.

But after spending the last six months painting in a garage, I'm ready to have a decent studio space again, so after we moved last weekend I spent a couple of days painting the walls and organizing in the room that will be my studio while we live here. I know that I can paint better when I'm in a space that's comfortable enough to not be distracting, so I'm trying to set up a studio space that will be nice and cozy as we head into a long, cold mountain winter.

So, I haven't been doing much studio painting, and I've been spending most of my painting time doing work for the mentorship I'm doing. Mostly, I've been doing small plein air studies, trying to capture the fall colors while they last. It's snowing now, and today was the first day I've had to work on a studio painting in probably three weeks! Anyhow, I'm looking forward to spending some time in the studio in the next few weeks, and finishing some larger paintings that I've been planning for a while. Time to relax a bit!!


  1. You sound like my husband & I...after twenty years I think we may be settling down (though I won't hold my breath). I'd love to see photos of your new home & studio.

  2. I really like your monthly status checks. I think I'll start doing that also, thanks for the heads up.

    Your work is very nice, I bet you sell every piece quickly, lucky, hardworking you! Running must give you a lot of energy.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of moves! I know how stressful they can be too.
    Lovely new painting. I like the painterly style, especially of the grasses in the foreground.

  4. I just checked out your website. Really great work.

  5. Glad to hear you will have a warm and comfortable studio in which to continue creating your beautiful paintings. Have a relaxing weekend... doesn't it seem to early for snow? But then, it is only a little over 8 weeks till Christmas! :-) Yikes!!!

  6. I hate moving. We're staying in our apartment forever because that's how much I hate moving.

  7. Veronica - yes, I think it woud be so nice to settle down!! We lived in one house for four years, and it was so nice...

    Melissa - you just reminded me that I missed my status check for last month - oops!!

    Alexandre - thanks! This is pretty typical of my style, but much smaller than a lot of my work, so you can actually see what I'm doing a bit better.

    Lane - thanks for commenting. I just checked out your website and your work is really amazing - love your color and brushwork, and most of all the subject matter is great.

    Joanne - yes, a bit early for snow, but we live at 9,000 ft. in the mountains, so winter comes early up here. Winter Park (the local ski resort) is set to open in just three weeks.

    Shannon - I know, you're smart that way. I hate moving too, but can't seem to avoid it. I'd like to blame Nate.

  8. You have my sympathy....I moved in June and am only now unpacking the last room! I refuse to move again...twice in two years and in my life 6 states...including Hawaii! The painting is fab...as always!!