Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Another Day at the Office

"Morning Aspens"
Oil on Panel

Saturday was the Oil Painters of America Great Paintout for Colorado, and the location this year was Estes Park. I've been stuck in the studio lately finishing up paintings for a bunch of upcoming fall shows, so I decided to get outside for once and meet up with the group for some painting in the park.

The drive to Estes from here is a beautiful one, but it can be long depending on tourist traffic. I left home at 6 am and drove over Trail Ridge Road as the sun rose. It was gorgeous so I had to stop a few times to take pictures of the sun hitting the mountains. Of course, every time I pulled over I had 5-10 cars pull over behind me thinking I saw a moose or something. I felt like I should have a sign on my car that said, "Sorry folks - no wildlife here, just scenery!!"

I got to Estes and met up with the group. A few friends were there, and a some new faces as well. It was a gorgeous morning, and I managed this 9x12" study of some aspens before the nasty afternoon weather started to roll in. I had planned to paint in the park all day, but the weather looked iffy and I wasn't looking forward to driving back over the pass in a snowstorm, so I left after lunch.

On the way home, I took Old Fall River Road to the top of the pass, which is an old one-way dirt road that winds its way up above treeline. I've never driven it, and I'm glad I did. The aspens were changing up high and it was raining, and it was just a beautiful, slow drive through the mountains. In the end I didn't get as much painting done as I had hoped, but it was a great day anyways.

Have I mentioned that I love my job?


  1. really great post stacey! i love your study paintings, they never look like studies to me, more refined than most artists. do you paint really fast on location or do you spend hours on one painting? there is a lot to this 9x12. the pines fading into that mountain are my favorite part.

    it was funny to me to read about you driving dirt roads. i used to live in the mountains here in PA (not like yours i'm sure) there was just the main paved road and a few secondaries, everything else was dirt and stone. when i moved back to suburbia, all paved roads...the stark contrast was always surreal to me. suburbanites could never believe i had to drive dirt roads anywhere!

  2. It's rough gig but someone has to do it.

  3. To say I am not jealous would be a lie. What a great day!

    Also, congrats on the upcoming show I read about in Southwest Art.

    You are one huge inspiration, Stacey.

  4. Stunning and much in the pleasing manner of T. Allen Lawson....yet still has your signature style!

  5. The summer doldrums are definitely past. Your painting is fresh and bold and lovely. Sounds like you feel great, too. Wonderful!

  6. Absolutely beautiful!
    Sounds like you had an enjoyable day... Beautiful scenery that's for sure! Your painting makes me want to be there!

  7. Good to get out and paint with friends!
    No one does the opa paint out here. I think I am the only one, so I would be painting with myself.

  8. Great art! Glad I found your blog.

  9. Love this Stacey. You do have a great job and it must feel wonderful to be such an accomplished artist. You head out to paint and come home with a excellent painting, wish it could always be that way.